martes, 7 de agosto de 2007


In 1972
I was born
In 1985
I graduated from lic.Administration

In 1991
I got my first job

In 1999
I got married
I had my first apartament

My child Hugo Alejandro was born

I began to study Laws at Urbe

I am visitador doctor


1.- What's your full name ?
Your full name is ELMER FIGUEROA ARCE

2.- Where and when you born?
Born, jun 29, 1968 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico

3.- What do the ?
The is singer famous

4.- What are your achievements?
Their ability and talent is to sing and to dance, but before being singing it was also actor.


Born, jun 29, 1968 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, your full name is ELMER FIGUEROA ARCE, Chayanne began his career in 1979 at aje 11, When he joined the menudo band. In 1984. CHAYANNE emborked on a solo career, debuting with name Chayanne . in 1992 he marries the model and Venezuela lawyer Marilisa Maronese, Whom he met in 1989. They have two children together; Lorenzo Valentino and Isadora Sofia. They currenthy live in Miami, Florida.

jueves, 26 de julio de 2007


Tell about your favorite festivity?
My favorite happy birthay festivity and 24 December and Valentin's day February 14
When's your birthday?
September 19



I went to party of my sister. I danced much.


In the morning, I stayed at home


I visited my friend Andreina, studied English and did the homework


I visited the garden of my grand father. with my family too and then I come back to my house.


I stayed at home all day.

I cleaned my apartament, I did the laundry. I cooked the breakfast, very lunch and the dinner. And I was very tired, and I went to bet to sleep.


miércoles, 25 de julio de 2007

1.- Where's the bus station?
It's BEHIND the first national Bank
2.- Where's the Jamison Hotel?
It's NEXT TO al's coffe Ruig
3.- There's a post office on the main street
It's ON THE CORNER of first avenue
4.- There's a gym on main street
It's BETWEEN post office and o day's departament store.


What´s the matter?

Friend: Lissette
Sick: Endrina
secretary: Alexandre
Sick: Rafael
Doctor: Andreína.

Part 1.
1. Hi, how are you?
2. I don´t feel good.
1. Why? what´s the matter?
2. I have a terrible headeache.
1. oh, I´m sorry to hear that. why don´t you go to the doctor?
2. ok, I´m going to the doctor.

Part 2.
3. Hello, Good afternoon can I help you?
2. Yes, please! I wanna talk to the doctor.
3. You have to paid first twenty thousand bs, and them you can see the doctor but now you have to wait.
2. ok.

Part 3.
4. Hello endrina, how are you?
2. Hi, I don´t feel good, I have a terrible headache.
4. Oh, I´m sorry, I have a headache too, I´m waiting for the doctor.
2. Yeah, me too.

Part 4.
5. Hello! What´s your name?
2. Endrina
5. endrina, what´s the matter?
2. I have a headache, It´s hurts a lot.
5. Ok, I´m going to give you a medication, you have to take it until next week and them you come back because i have to ckeck you. ok?
2. Ok, bye, see you next week.
5. Ok, bye, take care.

Part 5.
5. Alexander!!!!
3. What´s wrong?
5. Next!

Part 6.
5. Hello, What´s your name?
4. Rafael.
5. Rafael, how are you? what´s the matter?
4. Well doctor, I have a headache and an earache.
5. Oh, well let me see. ok I´m going to give you a parcel for the headache and an ibuprofenofor the earache you have to take the medications, for two weeks. ok?
4. Ok doctor, thank you so much!
5. You´re welcome. bye take care!
4. Ok bye.